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GATE Training and Certification


1. Why?

There's good news and bad news. The good news is that there's not really any need to pay for basic text analysis tools any more, as you can get state-of-the-art open source software to do all the stuff that the expensive commercial solutions do. The bad news is that coaxing state-of-the-art performance (accuracy, speed) from these tools is still a fine art, and likely to remain so. This combination of factors means that the most optimal configuration of a text processing solution is some combination of open source tooling plus either in-house or 3rd-party text processing specialists. How do you find and/or train up these specialists? In the past this has been a hit-or-miss affair, which is where the GATE training and certification programme comes in.

2. Training

We now run a regular annual 5-day training event. The programme includes lectures, hands-on practical exercises, question and answer sessions, and social events, plus plenty of time for discussions with the GATE team.

Please contact us at gate-fig@sheffield.ac.uk for any enquiries relating to training.

3. Upcoming courses

4. Previous courses

5. Course material