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GATE Customisation, Development and Training Services

Jumpstarting GATE for Your Needs

GATE is free and open (under the LGPL licence), and you are very welcome to use it for both commercial and research purposes. Numerous businesses now use GATE in production applications, from large corporates like Thompson to startups like Garlik or Innovantage.

If you need help getting started, contact us regarding customisation services, which can offer a complete working prototype within a month or so, depending on scope.

According to your task, three types of solutions are available:

  1. semi-automatic workflow-based using GATE Teamware
  2. fully-automatic GATE-based extraction (accessed via parallel distributed web services or tightly coupled with your application as appropriate)
  3. a wide range of other bespoke language processing systems

A typical arrangement for a simple annotation pipeline project (case 2. above) would have three stages:

We also supply GATE training.

Many other configurations are possible, and a number of commercial organisation provide similar services. Contact us for details.

GATE team services are also available via our sponsorship programme, and to GATE partners.