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GATE Developer

GATE Developer is a development environment that provides a rich set of graphical interactive tools for the creation, measurement and maintenance of software components for processing human language. GATE Developer is open source software, available under the GNU Lesser General Public Licence 3.0, and can be downloaded from this page. (GATE Developer and GATE Embedded are bundled, and in older distributions were refered to just as "GATE".)


Language processing software uses specialised data structures and algorithms such as annotation graphs, finite state machines or support vector machines. GATE Developer aids the creation of these complex structures, the visualisation of processing results, and the measurement of their accuracy relative to manually or semi-automatically produced results.

Developer is a specialist tool similar in purpose and character to a programmer's integrated development environment (which is one reason we call it "the Eclipse of natural language processing"). It is a complex and feature-rich tool that has been in continuous development since 1995.

The user guide has an example use case.

Components produced in GATE Developer can be exported to diverse applications via GATE Embedded. Developer facilities are also used by GATE Teamware for collaborative distributed annotation projects.

Place in the GATE Process

Creating (or more often adapting) the algorithms to analyse (or generate) text or speech is one of the key steps in the creation of any application that deals with human language. GATE Develop supports this creative process and creates processing pipelines that are then exported to GATE Teamware and/or GATE Cloud for e.g. quality control or parallelisation respectively.



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