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The GATE product family

(See also the 2-minute guide.)

Product Description Availability
GATE Developer

an integrated development environment for language processing components bundled with the most widely used Information Extraction system and a comprehensive set of other plugins

GATE Embedded

an object library optimised for inclusion in diverse applications giving access to all the services used by GATE developer and more

GATE Teamware

a collaborative annotation environment for high volume factory-style semantic annotation projects built around a workflow engine and the GATE cloud backend web services

GATE Mímir

(Multi-paradigm Information Management Index and Repository) a massively scaleable multiparadigm index supporting Ontotext KIM and built on Ontotext's semantic repository family, GATE's annotation structures database plus full-text indexing from MG4J


a Controllable Wiki and CMS with collaborative and asynchronous off-line editing, hosting controlled languages for round-trip ontology engineering

GATE Cloud

a parallel distributed processing engine that combines GATE embedded with a heavily optimised service infrastructure running on supercomputer hardware

The GATE Process

how to commission, design, develop, implement, maintain and evaluate robust and sustainable text processing workflows

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Training and Certification intensive 1-week training courses, web training and GATE Certification contact us

First Cousins - the Ontotext family

Product Description Availability
Ontotext KIM

UIs demonstrating our multiparadigm approach to information management, navigation and search including KIM conceptual query, KIM CORE, QuestIO and CLoNE, and the ANNIC Annotations in Context tool

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Ontotext OWLIM the fastest and most scaleable semantic repository contact Ontotext
Ontotext Linked Data Semantic Repository ~4 billion statements from the Linked Data cloud contact Ontotext
Ontotext Linked Life Data

over 4 billion statements from life science databases including UniProt, PubMed, EntrezGene and 20 more...

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