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GATE Technical Support

See also our customisation services.

There are four ways to get technical support for GATE products:

  1. First please check that your problem is not a known one by checking the List of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), reading the documentation and searching the mailing list archive and/or this site.
    Search gate.ac.uk:
  2. Join gate-users and post a question. See the mailing list page. Please include all relevant details, operating system, GATE build and JVM version (visible in the "About" box from the help menu).
  3. Contract the University of Sheffield or others to provide support or customisation work. Contact us to discuss such contracts.
  4. Buy professional services or bespoke development from our key partners, OntoText and Text Mining Solutions.
  5. Get help formally or informally from other GATE users (thousands of students and many companies are using and/or developing the system and may be able to provide technical support on a commercial basis).