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Appendix H
Keyboard shortcuts for GATE [#]

This chapter describes the keyboard shortcuts used in GATE core components.

General (section 3.6)

F1 Display an help page for the selected component

Alt+F4 Exit the application without confirmation

Tab Put the focus on the next component or frame

Shift+Tab Put the focus on the previous component or frame

F6 Put the focus on the next frame

Shift+F6 Put the focus on the previous frame

Alt+F Show the File menu

Alt+O Show the Options menu

Alt+T Show the Tools menu

Alt+H Show the Help menu

F10 Show the first menu

Resources tree (section 3.6)

Enter Show the selected resources

Ctrl+H Hide the selected resource

Ctrl+Shift+H Hide all the resources

F2 Rename the selected resource

Ctrl+F4 Close the selected resource

Document editor (section 5.3)

Ctrl+F Show the search dialog for the document

Ctrl+S Save the document in a file

F3 Show/Hide the annotation sets

Shift+F3 Show the annotation sets with preselection

F4 Show/Hide the annotations list

F5 Show/Hide the coreference editor

F7 Show/Hide the text

Annotation editor

Right/Left Grow/Shrink the annotation span at its start

Alt+Right/Alt+LeftGrow/Shrink the annotation span at its end

+Shift/+Ctrl+Shift Use a span increment of 5/10 characters

Alt+Delete Delete the currently edited annotation

Annic/Lucene datastore (section 9.29)

Alt+Enter Search the expression in the datastore

Alt+Backspace Delete the search expression

Alt+Right Display the next page of results

Alt+Left Display the row manager

Alt+E Export the results to a file

Search expression text field

Ctrl+Enter Insert a new line

Enter Search the expression

Alt+Top Select the previous result

Alt+Bottom Select the next result

Table H.1: GATE keyboard shortcuts