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Appendix B
Version 5.1 Plugins Name Map [#]

In version 5.1 we attempted to impose order on chaos by further defining the plugin naming convention (see Section 12.3.1) and renaming those existing plugins that did not conform to it. Below, you will find a mapping of old plugin names to new.

Old Name New Name

abner Tagger_Abner
alignment Alignment
annotationMerging Annotation_Merging
arabic Lang_Arabic
bdmComputation Ontology_BDM_Computation
cebuano Lang_Cebuano
Chemistry_Tagger Tagger_Chemistry
chinese Lang_Chinese
chineseSegmenter Lang_Chinese
copyAS2AnoDoc Copy_Annots_Between_Docs
crawl Web_Crawler_Websphinx
french Lang_French
german Lang_German
google Web_Search_Google
hindi Lang_Hindi
iaaPlugin Inter_Annotator_Agreement
italian Lang_Italian
Kea Keyphrase_Extraction_Algorithm
learning Learning
lkb_gazetteer Gazetteer_LKB
Minipar Parser_Minipar
NP_Chunking Tagger_NP_Chunking
OpenCalais Tagger_OpenCalais
openNLP OpenNLP
rasp Parser_RASP
romanian Lang_Romanian
Stanford Stanford_CoreNLP
Stemmer Stemmer_Snowball
TaggerFramework Tagger_Framework
TreeTagger Tagger_TreeTagger
uima UIMA
yahoo Web_Search_Yahoo