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This page lists some of the plugins that are currently available with GATE:

For more information on how the plugins work, see the online user guide "Developing Language Processing Components with GATE".

To submit a plugin, please contact us via the gate-users mailing list.

Plugins included in the GATE distribution

Annotation schema  An annotation type and its features. (docs gate.creole.AnnotationSchema
GATE Unicode Tokeniser  A customisable Unicode tokeniser. (docs gate.creole.tokeniser.SimpleTokeniser
ANNIE English Tokeniser  A customisable English tokeniser. (docs gate.creole.tokeniser.DefaultTokeniser
ANNIE Gazetteer  A list lookup component. (docs gate.creole.gazetteer.DefaultGazetteer
Hash Gazetteer  A list lookup component implemented by OntoText Lab. The licence information is also available in licence.ontotext.html in the lib folder of GATE (docs com.ontotext.gate.gazetteer.HashGazetteer
Jape Transducer  A module for executing Jape grammars. (docs gate.creole.Transducer
ANNIE NE Transducer  ANNIE named entity grammar. (docs gate.creole.ANNIETransducer
ANNIE Sentence Splitter  ANNIE sentence splitter. (docs gate.creole.splitter.SentenceSplitter
RegEx Sentence Splitter  A sentence splitter based on regular expressions. (docs gate.creole.splitter.RegexSentenceSplitter
ANNIE POS Tagger  Mark Hepple's Brill-style POS tagger. (docs gate.creole.POSTagger
ANNIE OrthoMatcher  ANNIE orthographical coreference component. (docs gate.creole.orthomatcher.OrthoMatcher
ANNIE Pronominal Coreferencer  Pronominal Coreference resolution component. (docs gate.creole.coref.Coreferencer
ANNIE Nominal Coreferencer  Nominal Coreference resolution component (docs gate.creole.coref.NominalCoref
Document Reset PR  Document cleaner. (docs gate.creole.annotdelete.AnnotationDeletePR
Jape Viewer  A JAPE grammar file viewer. (docs gate.gui.jape.JapeViewer
Gaze  Gazetteer viewer and editor. (docs com.ontotext.gate.vr.Gaze
Chemistry Tagger  A tagger for chemical names. (docs mark.chemistry.Tagger
SearchPR  Provides IR functionality. (docs gate.creole.ir.SearchPR
Search Results  Viewer for IR search results  gate.gui.SearchPRViewer
Ontotext Japec Transducer  JAPE compiler. (docs com.ontotext.gate.japec.JapecTransducer
KEA Keyphrase Extractor  A Keyphrase Extractor by Eibe Frank. (docs gate.creole.kea.Kea
KEA Corpus Importer  Imports a KEA-style corpus into GATE  gate.creole.kea.CorpusImporter
Machine Learning PR  Trains a machine learning algorithm from a corpus. For new code, consider using the "learning" plugin instead. (docs gate.creole.ml.MachineLearningPR
Minipar Wrapper  MiniPar is a shallow parser. It determines the dependency relationships between the words of a sentence. (docs minipar.Minipar
CMU Minorthird  MinorThird is a collection of Java classes for storing text, annotating text, and learning to extract entities and categorize text. (docs gate.minorthird.RunMixupWrapper
Montreal Transducer  A module for executing augmented Jape grammars. Many of its features have now been subsumed into the standard JAPE implementation. (docs ca.umontreal.iro.rali.gate.creole.MtlTransducer
GATE NLG Lexicon  GATE NLG Lexicon. (docs gate.lexicon.NLGLexiconImpl
NLG Lexicon Editor  NLG Lexicon Editor. (docs gate.gui.lexicon.NLGLexiconVR
Noun Phrase Chunker  Implementation of the Ramshaw and Marcus base noun phrase chunker (docs mark.chunking.GATEWrapper
GATE APF exporter  An APF exporter .  gate.creole.APFormatExporter
OLD Document Editor  Old editor for documents, superseded by gate.gui.docview.*  gate.gui.DocumentEditor
Unrestricted annotation editor    gate.gui.UnrestrictedAnnotationEditor
Schema annotation editor    gate.gui.SchemaAnnotationEditor
Features Editor  Old editor for feature values of any resource. Superseded by the small feature editor in the bottom-left corner of the GUI.  gate.gui.FeaturesEditor
Old GATE HTML Document Format  Old HTML document parser, based on the Swing parser that drives JEditorPane.  gate.corpora.HtmlDocumentFormat
RASP Parser  RASP (Robust Accurate Statistical Parsing) is a robust parsing system for English.  gate.rasp.rasp
Onto Root Gazetteer  A ontology lookup component (docs gate.clone.ql.OntoRootGaz
Fake Sentence Splitter  Fake Sentence Splitter   gate.clone.ql.FakeSentenceSplitter
OWLIM Ontology LR  Ontology which connects to Sesame Repository via OWLIM SAIL. (docs gate.creole.ontology.owlim.OWLIMOntologyLR
OntoGazetteer  A list lookup component based on mapping between ontology classes and gazetteer lists. (docs gate.creole.gazetteer.OntoGazetteerImpl
GATE Ontology Editor  Ontology editing tool. (docs gate.gui.ontology.OntologyEditor
OAT  Ontology Annotation Tool. (docs gate.creole.ontology.ocat.OntologyViewer
SUPPLE Parser  SUPPLE bottom-up chart parser. (docs shef.nlp.supple.SUPPLE
Annotations Editor  An annotation editor restricted by schemas. (docs gate.gui.annedit.SchemaAnnotationEditor
StanfordParser  Stanford parser wrapper (docs gate.stanford.Parser
Stemmer PR  Wrapper for the Snowball stemmer. (docs stemmer.SnowballStemmer
Gazetteer List Collector  Gazetteer lists collector. (docs gate.creole.GazetteerListsCollector
ANNIE VP Chunker  ANNIE VP Chunker component. (docs gate.creole.VPChunker
Annotation Set Transfer  Annotation set transfer component. (docs gate.creole.annotransfer.AnnotationSetTransfer
Flexible Exporter  Exports a document with GATE annotations to its original format. (docs gate.creole.dumpingPR.DumpingPR
GATE Morphological analyser  Morphological Analyzer for the English Language. (docs gate.creole.morph.Morph
Flexible Gazetteer  A more flexible list lookup component. (docs gate.creole.gazetteer.FlexibleGazetteer
Syntax tree viewer  Viewer for syntax trees generated by a parser. (docs gate.gui.SyntaxTreeViewer
TreeTagger  The TreeTagger is a language-independent part-of-speech tagger, which currently supports English, French, German, and Spanish. (docs gate.treetagger.TreeTagger
WordNet 1.6  Princeton WordNet 1.6. (docs gate.wordnet.IndexFileWordNetImpl
WordNet 1.6 Viewer  WordNet viewer  gate.gui.wordnet.WordNetViewer
Compound Document  GATE Compound Document. (docs gate.compound.impl.CompoundDocumentImpl
Compound Document From Xml  GATE Compound Document. (docs gate.compound.impl.CompoundDocumentFromXml
Compound Document Editor  Editor for compound documents. (docs gate.compound.gui.CompoundDocumentEditor
GATE Composite document  GATE Composite document. (docs gate.composite.impl.CompositeDocumentImpl
Alignment Editor  Alignment editor. (docs gate.alignment.gui.AlignmentEditor
Switch Member PR  Sets the focus of a compound document to a specified member document. (docs gate.compound.impl.SwitchMemberPR
Delete Member PR  Deletes one member document from a compound doc. (docs gate.compound.impl.DeleteMemberPR
Combine Members PR  Combines documents in a composite document. (docs gate.composite.impl.CombineMembersPR
Annotation Merging PR  Merge Annotations from different annotators. (docs gate.merger.AnnotationMergingMain
Arabic Tokeniser  A customisable Arabic tokeniser.  arabic.ArabicTokeniser
Arabic Gazetteer  A list lookup component.  arabic.ArabicGazetteer
Arabic Infered Gazetteer  A list lookup component.  arabic.ArabicInferedGazetteer
Arabic Main Grammar  A module for executing Jape grammars  arabic.ArabicTransducer
Arabic OrthoMatcher  Arabic Orthomatcher  arabic.ArabicOrthoMatcher
Cebuano Tokeniser  A customisable Cebuano tokeniser.  cebuano.CebuanoTokeniser
Cebuano Gazetteer  A list lookup component.  cebuano.CebuanoGazetteer
Cebuano Gazetteer Tokeniser  A list lookup component.  cebuano.CebuanoGazetteerTokeniser
Cebuano Transducer  A module for executing Jape grammars  cebuano.CebuanoTransducer
Cebuano Transducer Postprocessor  A module for executing Jape grammars  cebuano.CebuanoTransducerPost
Cebuano POS Tagger  Mark Hepple's Brill-style POS tagger, adapted for languages where entries are multiword  cebtag.postag.CebuanoPOSTagger
CrawlerPR  Provides interface to the webspinx API. (docs crawl.CrawlPR
GooglePR  Provides an interface to Google API. (docs google.GooglePR
Hindi Tokeniser  A customisable Hindi tokeniser.  hindi.HindiTokeniser
Hindi Gazetteer  A list lookup component.  hindi.HindiGazetteer
Hindi Splitter  A Sentence Splitter.  hindi.HindiSplitter
Hindi Tokeniser Gazetteer  A list lookup component.  hindi.HindiTokeniserGazetteer
Hindi Main Grammar  A module for executing Jape grammars  hindi.HindiTransducer
Hindi Tokeniser Postprocessor  A module for executing Jape grammars  hindi.HindiTokeniserPostprocessor
Hindi OrthoMatcher  Hindi Orthomatcher  hindi.HindiOrthoMatcher
Hindi POS Tagger  Mark Hepple's Brill-style POS tagger, adapted for languages where entries are multiword  cebtag.postag.CebuanoPOSTagger
IAA Computation PR  Compute inter-annotator agreement (IAA). (docs gate.iaaplugin.IaaMain
Batch Learning PR  Supports training, application and evaluation of machine learning models for NLP tasks (docs gate.learning.LearningAPIMain
RASP2 Tokenizer  RASP2 Tokenizer. Faster than the original GATE component but generates Tokens which have only a 'string' feature. Requires annotations of type Sentence. See RASP package for platform restrictions. (docs com.digitalpebble.rasp2.token.RASPTokenizer
RASP POS Converter  Converts from PennTreebank POS tags to the C2 tagset used by RASP. Generates annotations of type MorphObj which hold the tag and lemma (docs com.digitalpebble.rasp2.tagger.C2Transducer
RASP2 POS Tagger  RASP part-of-speech tagger, creating WordForm annotations (docs com.digitalpebble.rasp2.tagger.PosTagger
RASP2 Morphological Analyser  RASP morphological analyser, which adds lemma and suffix to the WordForm annotations produced by the RASP POS tagger (or the ANNIE POS tagger plus the RASP converter) (docs com.digitalpebble.rasp2.morph.MorphoAnnotator
RASP2 Parser  RASP dependency parser (docs com.digitalpebble.rasp2.parser.ParserAnnotator
Romanian Tokeniser  A customisable Romanian tokeniser.  romanian.RomanianTokeniser
Romanian Gazetteer  A list lookup component.  romanian.RomanianGazetteer
Romanian Transducer  A module for executing Jape grammars  romanian.RomanianTransducer
UIMA Analysis Engine  Wrapper for a Text Analysis Engine from UIMA. (docs gate.uima.AnalysisEnginePR
YahooPR  Provides an interface to Yahoo API. (docs gate.yahoo.YahooPR

Other contributed plugins

Multi-lingual Noun Phrase Extractor (MuNPEx)
website download
Munpex MuNPEx is a multi-lingual noun phrase (NP) extraction component developed for the GATE architecture, implemented in JAPE. It currently supports English, German, French, and Spanish (in beta). en-np_main.jape
XCES tools
website download
Tools to handle documents conforming to the XML Corpus Encoding Standard (XCES) format, used by the American National Corpus. XCES is a way of encoding texts with standoff markup in XML.
ANC Document An XCES document. Allows loading of the document text, plus some or all of the sets of standoff markup associated with the document. org.xces.gate.XCESDocument
ANC Load Standoff Loads standoff annotations into an existing document. org.xces.creole.LoadStandoff
ANC Save Content Saves just the text content of a document to a file. This will work for any document - it is not specific to ANC/XCES documents. org.xces.creole.SaveContent
ANC Save Standoff Saves annotations from a Document to an XCES-compliant standoff markup file. org.xces.creole.SaveStandoff
Sen wrapper (Japanese morphological analyser)
website (in Japanese)
Sen is a morphological analyser for Japanese. This is a wrapper to allow it to be used from GATE, you must also install sen itself. See the documentation (in Japanese) for details.
Sen Wrapper Morphological analyser for Japanese jp.co.ditlab.jgate.SenWrapper
Russian morph tagger
website download
Provides GATE wrapper for mystem russian morphological parser. Allows to execute native analyzer, parse output, and assign morpho features as GATE annotations for the document.
Russian MorphTagger MorphTagger for russian language, based on MyStem Yandex' parser ru.itbrains.gate.morph.MorphTagger
OFAI List Gazetteer
website download
This plugin provides an extended version of the original GATE ListGazetteer. In addition to the features of the original, built-in version of the List Gazetteer, this version provides features for more powerful matching of partial words.
OFAI List Gazetteer Extended version of the transducer-based List Gazetteer at.ofai.gate.ListGazetteer
BWP Gazetteer
website download
This plugin provides an approximate gazetteer for GATE, based on Levenshtein's Edit Distance for strings. Its goal is to handle texts with noise and errors, in which GATE's default gazetteers may have difficulties.
BWP Gazetteer Extended version of the transducer-based List Gazetteer
website download
Annotates documents like a gazetteer, but takes the terms from OWL annotation properties in an ontology, rather than from a separate list of terms.
Apolda Ontology Annotator Ontology-based lookup taking terms from properties in the ontology. telin.Apolda

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