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JAPE and Gazetteers


1. Check that a word has a certain suffix

We assume that the relevant suffixes are first placed in a gazetteer list with the wholeWordsOnly parameter unchecked.

Rule: CheckSuffix
{Token.category == JJ}
gate.AnnotationSet tagSet = (gate.AnnotationSet)bindings.get("tag");
gate.Annotation tagAnn = (gate.Annotation)tagSet.iterator().next();

// create a temporary variable for the Lookup value we want to check
gate.FeatureMap suffixFM = gate.Factory.newFeatureMap();
suffixFM.put("majorType", "suffix_us");

// check if tag has the suffix we're interested in
// AnnotationSet.get(...).get(...).size() > 0 is a useful
//   pattern for checking overlap.
if (inputAS.get(tagAnn.getStartNode().getOffset(),
                tagAnn.getEndNode().getOffset() ).
            get("Lookup", suffixFM).size() > 0 ) {
 gate.FeatureMap features = Factory.newFeatureMap();
 features.put("rule", "Suffix_us");
 annotations.add(tagAnn.getStartNode(),tagAnn.getEndNode(), "LatinAdj", features);