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Lecturer Profiles

Name Areas of Expertise

Niraj Aswani

Niraj Aswani GATE Developer, Information Extraction, Ontologies, ANNIC, Mimir, Teamware, Parallel Text Alignment

Kalina Bontcheva

Kalina Bontcheva Teamware, Information extraction, GATE Developer, semantic annotation, ontologies, ANNIC

Hamish Cunningham

Hamish Cunningham GATE Developer, Teamware, GATE Cloud, Information Extraction, semantic annotation

Adam Funk

Adam Funk Information extraction, semantic annotation, machine learning applications for NLP and opinion mining, GATE Developer, Teamware

Genevieve Gorrell

Genevieve Gorrell GATE Developer, Machine Learning, Information Extraction

Diana Maynard

Diana Maynard GATE Developer, Information Extraction, ontologies, semantic annotation, opinion mining, multilingual IE, evaluation. Teamware

Wim Peters

Wim Peters GATE Developer, Information Extraction

Angus Roberts

Angus Roberts Information Extraction, GATE Developer, ML for NLP, Ontologies, Semantic Annotation, Life science and Clinical IE

Ian Roberts

Ian Roberts GATE Developer, Teamware, GATE Cloud, web services, Mímir, ML, Groovy

Valentin Tablan

Valentin Tablan GATE Developer, GATE Cloud, Mímir, web services, ML, Groovy