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Participant Profiles

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Name -- Contact Info -- Biography
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Hercules Fisherman Join me here skype: hercules fbuk Startups mentor,
BI, Data Extraction
Text Mining Consultant & Painter
Fahad Alshathry famalsha(at)gmail.com Data & Text Mining
Paul Appleby paul.appleby@tso.co.uk Information publishing
Christopher Ball Christopher.Ball[at]metaHeuristica.com Systems Architecture & RIA
Annelen Brunner brunner(at)ids-mannheim.de Biography here
Miriam Buendia Castro Contact info here Biography here
Mark Chamberlain griff.chamberlain~at~googlemail~dot~com Please call me Griff! Information Publishing
Ulrike Czeitschner ulrike.czeitschner@oeaw.ac.at Cultural Anthropologist, XML Markup for Literary Studies, new focus on Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Annotation
Maral Dadvar http://hmi.ewi.utwente.nl/person/Maral%20Dadvar Text retrieval and sentiment detection for children
Brian Davis brian.davis@deri.org OBIE, Semantic Annotation, CNLs, NLG
Jan Dedek http://www.ksi.mff.cuni.cz/~dedek/ IE & the Semantic Web
Paola Di Maio http://personal.strath.ac.uk/paola.dimaio/ Systems Engineering
Eric Garbin eric.garbin~at~gmail~dot~com Information Extraction, NLP
Phil Gooch Philip.Gooch.1@city.ac.uk General IE, rule extraction from clinical guidelines
Alexander Hogenboom http://www.erim.eur.nl/ERIM/People/Person_Details?p_aff_id=6243 Sentiment mining, argumentation discovery
Jan Hornych Contact info here Biography here
Ather Idrees ather.idrees@tso.co.uk Information Publishing
Nurfauza Jali Contact info here Biography here
Themos Kalafatis http://lifeanalytics.blogspot.com Data & Text Mining Consultant
Marion Laignelet marion.laignelet@irit.fr Discourse Analysis, Computational Linguistics, NLP
Tatiana Lando tatiana.lando@gmail.com Faxt Extraction, Information Retrieval, Formal Semantics
Pedro Javier Magaña Redondo Contact info here Biography here
Haytham Mohtasseb http://ulincoln.academia.edu/HaythamMohtasseb text mining & machine learning
Faiz Muhannad Contact info here Biography here
Pilar Neon Araúz Contact info here Biography here
Eamonn Neylon @eneylon Software and publishing
Jon Phillips jon.b.phillips123(at)gmail.com Information Extraction, Statistical NLP
Natalia Ponomareva http://pers-www.wlv.ac.uk/~in0663/ Sentiment Analysis, Information Extraction,
Machine Learning
Shivani Puri Shivani.Puri@mhra.gsi.gov.uk Interests: NLP, Information Extraction from Medical data
Saman Hina scsh@leeds.ac.uk, saman.hina@gmail.com Interests: Text Mining from Clinical Documents by Analyzing Natural Language
Oguz Somuncuoglu Contact info here Biography here
Andreas Vlachidis http://hypermedia.research.glam.ac.uk/about_us/people/avlachidis/ Semantic Annotation for archaeological documents, CIDOC-CRM for Information Extraction
Daniel Wolff wolff@inpro.de Mechanical Engineer. Interest: Semantic Information Systems in Digital Planning and Maintenance
Boyan Kukushev boyan.kukushev@ontotext.com Information Extraction, Information Retrieval, Semantic Annotation and Search
Parvaz Mahdabi http://www.inf.usi.ch/phd/mahdabi/ Information Retrieval, Machine Learning
Claire Newing claire.newing (at) nationalarchives.gsi.gov.uk Semantic knowledge base for web archive
D.AQEL Contact info here Information extraction, Semantic Annotation , Sentiment Analysis
Yasen Kiprov yasen.kiprov@ontotext.com IR,IE, interested in Sentiment Analysis and Social Networks
Panayiota Babali
Matthew Petrillo matthew.petrillo@fairviewresearch.com text mining, semantic annotation, manual annotation processes, MIMIR, Teamware