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GATE will run anywhere that supports recent versions of Java, including Solaris, Linux and Windoze platforms. It hasn't been tested on Macintosh.


After unpacking the distribution (using tar/gunzip, or winzip, or whatever) you can run the GATE development environment from the build directory using gate.sh (on UNIX or in a Cygwin environment) or gate.bat (from a DOS shell). In each case the setting of JAVA_HOME will be used if set; otherwise it is assumed that java is in PATH.

To user GATE as a library, put gate.jar on your classpath, and (for Unicode support) guk.jar in the JDK extensions directory. (See your Java system documentation if this doesn't mean anything to you.)

See the user guide for more details of using GATE.


Note that if you have a conforming Java environment you don't need to build GATE unless you're doing development on the system itself.


To build gate, cd to gate/build and:

  1. Start a shell (if you're on Windoze you can use the cygnus.bat script from the Cygwin distribution to do this). Make sure GNU make is in your PATH.
  2. Run the script "configure". Ignore any insulting messages.
  3. Check that Makefile has the right paths for programs like "java" and "javac". If configure made a mistake edit the paths.
  4. Construct the dependency list and build the class files and a jar file containing the whole thing:
    make depend
    make jar
  5. [optional] To test the system, and build the javadoc code documentation:
    make test
    make docs
    (Note that this needs an open network connection.)
  6. [optional] To build the developer javadoc documentation (including private members):
    make internaldocs
    (Note that you may need to change the name of the server for the Java platform documentation in the Makefile, as we keep a copy on an internal server in Sheffield.)

(Those of you who used GATE 1 and who miss the baroque mystery and labyrinthine elegance of the previous build structure may find it useful to note that drinking milk is a good cure for an acid stomach.)

You can also use a development environment like Borland JBuilder (click on the gate2.jpx file) or Emacs JDE (use the prj.el file), but note that it's still advisable to use the Makefile to generate documentation, the jar file and so on.

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