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CLARIN Services and Software


We currently provide five NLP/IE services for CLARIN (the links point to the CXF service descriptions, which include links to the endpoints and WSDLs).

Each service has four methods:

All four methods return an XML element which contains the results of the analysis. All the services can handle any document type supported by GATE. If the mimeType parameter is supplied, it will override what GATE might determine from the document content and URL. The service will return a fault if the client or the remote server specifies a MIME type that GATE does not support.

Our reference GUI client includes the URIs of the current services. It requires a Java 1.5 JRE but is supplied with all the dependencies. Unzip it, run the jar file, and select a service, file encoding, and file. The XML output of the service will appear in a separate pane.

Download our client

Read our paper and slides from the Language Resource and Language Technology Standards workshop at LREC 2010. The paper and slides include screenshots of the client and explanations of the NLP/IE pipelines in the services.