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GATE Information Extraction Applications

Competitive intelligence An IE system analyses newspaper articles to find instances of corporate mergers and joint ventures. The system identifies all the participating corporations, products and services associated with the joint venture, and other details such as the amount of investment capital and the names of the associated partners.

Intelligence gathering IE systems monitor newswires and online transcripts of radio and television broadcasts to extract descriptions of terrorist activities. The systems classify the type of terrorist event, and record the identified or suspected perpetrators, dead or injured victims, and any damage to buildings or the infrastructure, as well as the time and location of the event.

Health care delivery IE systems have been designed to summarise medical patient records by extracting diagnoses, symptoms, physical findings, test results, and therapeutic treatments. These systems can be used to assist health care providers with quality assurance studies, or to support insurance processing, where each patient encounter must be categorised for reimbursement purposes.

These examples are drawn from tasks specified by the US ARPA-sponsored Message-Understanding Conference (MUC).