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Task List for 3.1 Release

Target dates:

%[ Task | Details | Who | Status Documentation | Make sure changelog is up to date, all work documented in user guide | All (DM lead) | ongoing UIMA | Bring UIMA layer up to date with latest UIMA release | IR | *DONE* (unless they update it again) SUPPLE | Replacement for BuChart | IR with MG | awaiting code from MG MG's plugins | Roll in latest ChemTagger, NP_Chunking, etc. (or make them into contribs?) | IR with MG ANC/XCES | XCES document and standoff annotation reader/writer from Keith Suderman | | awaiting reply from KS Minipar | Adding support for Windows | NA | *DONE* Ontology API | New ontology API implementation and docs | VT | Implemented, docs in progress Other plugins | Minorthird, Stemmer, Montreal Transducer - are there any updates? | OT Jape compiler | New compiler from ontotext | | More testing by OT KAON | KAON ontology support | NA %]

make a horizontal ruler. Extra '-' is ignored.

force a line break

link create a hyperlink to an internal WikiPage called 'Link'.

this is also a link create a hyperlink to an internal WikiPage called

'ThisIsAlsoALink' but show the link as typed with spaces.

a samplelink create a hyperlink to an internal WikiPage called

'Link', but display the text 'a sample' to the

user instead of 'Link'.

~NoLink disable link creation for the word in CamelCase.

1 make a reference to a footnote numbered 1.

#1 mark the footnote number 1.

[link create text 'link'.

heading small heading with text 'heading' heading medium heading with text 'heading' heading large heading with text 'heading'

text print 'text' in italic.

text print 'text' in bold.

{{text}} print 'text' in monospaced font.

;term:ex make a definition for 'term' with the explanation 'ex'