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Summary of YAM syntax.

Title First paragraph of the file.
Headings %1,­%2,­etc.; %1* is unnumbered; follow with blank line
Bold, italic, teletype, underlined *...*, _..._, ^...^, __...__
Contents %contents
Horizontal lines -
Tables %[ | row 1/column 1 | r1/c2 | -| r2/c1 | r2/c2 | %]
Block quotation %"...%"
Line break %br
Verbatim %<...%>

%code(lang=Java)< ... %>
provides syntax highlighting for Java, XML, etc.


- item 1
- item 2
# numbered item 1
(for nesting use indentation)

Footnote %footnote(...)
Escaping \

http://thing.com/ or %(http://thing.com/) or
%(http://thing.com/, link text)1

Anchors %#name (then link to it with "%(#name)")

%image(file) or
%image(file, alt tag, width, height, position, border)
(second and subsequent arguments are optional)

Citations %cite(citekey,citekey,...)

%include(level, useTitle, file.yam)

Non-breaking space %\ followed by space
Single-line comment / notes %% ...
Multi-line comment / notes %/* ... %*/
Special characters

(e.g. < or & in HTML) are
translated correctly in the output.

Twitter %twitter(title=GATE News, account=GateAcUk, name=GATE, count=10)
Google %google(siteip=gate.ac.uk)
Metadata %meta(author=My Name) become <meta> tags in the HTML


  1. The link text can contain "inline" markup such as %image, %cite or *bold*/_italic_, but not block markup such as tables