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CoW Backlog

(Maintained by Hamish.)


1. Roadmap (version 1.1, early 2010)

TODO: reprioritise, pull in any pressing stuff from future tasks

2. Future Tasks

3. Completed Tasks

A list of completed tasks is here.

4. About this Document

This document contains the list of features, functions, technologies, enhancements and bug fixes that would ideally be made part of CoW. It represents a snapshot of the ever-changing requirements and plan for the system. Items at the top of the list should be detailed enough and fine-grained enough to be implemented. Lower down the list are lower priority features that may or may not be implemented. There are no bad ideas for new features, only low priority features.

This document links to


The time estimates and people assignment are optional (they're most appropriate for tasks that are near the top of the stack, i.e. will probably be implemented in the coming period).

For example:

When a task is complete move it to the Done section, and link it to relevant user and design documentation.