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GATE Version 4.0 release (July 2007)

1. Major new features

1.1. ANNIC

ANNotations In Context: a full-featured annotation indexing and retrieval system designed to support corpus querying and JAPE rule authoring. It is provided as part of an extention of the Serial Datastores, called Searchable Serial Datastore (SSD) (details).

1.2. New machine learning API

A brand new machine learning layer specifically targetted at NLP tasks including text classification, chunk learning (e.g. for named entity recognition) and relation learning (details).

1.3. Ontology API

A new ontology API, based on OWL In Memory (OWLIM), which offers a better API, revised ontology event model and an improved ontology editor to name but few (details).

1.4. OCAT

Ontology-based Corpus Annotation Tool to help annotators to manually annotate documents using ontologies (details).

1.5. Alignment Tools

A new set of components (e.g. CompoundDocument, AlignmentEditor etc.) that help in building alignment tools and in carrying out cross-document processing (details).

1.6. New HTML Parser

A new HTML document format parser, based on Andy Clark's NekoHTML. This parser is much better than the old one at handling modern HTML and XHTML constructs, JavaScript blocks, etc., though the old parser is still available for existing applications that depend on its behaviour.

1.7. Java 5.0 support

GATE now requires Java 5.0 or later to compile and run. This brings a number of benefits:

2. Other new features and improvements

3. Bug fixes and optimizations

And as always there are many smaller bugfixes too numerous to list here...