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GATE Training Modules

Choosing the right track

Each track runs for the length of the course. Tracks 1, 2, and 3 run in parallel Monday to Thursday, one module per day. On Friday there are now 2 optional add-on courses run in parallel. You can choose between: semantic technology and Linked Open Data and Social Media Mining with GATE.

You should normally choose just one track from 1 to 3 for the main course. In some cases, the modules within a track follow directly from previous modules in that track (especially in Track 1). In general, we advise against mixing and matching modules from the different main tracks. If you have specific requirements for this, or if you are unsure of which track is best for you, please contact us directly before registering, to discuss your needs, on gate-fig@sheffield.ac.uk

Track 1: Introduction to GATE and Text Mining

This is the best place to start if you are completely new to GATE. This track covers the following topics;

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites, though it might be a good idea to run through some GATE Developer tutorials prior to attending, to make the most of the experience.

Track 2: Programming in GATE

This track is appropriate for those interested in using GATE mainly from the API (GATE Embedded). Topics include the following;

Prerequisites: Ability to program using Java. Although Track 1 is not a prerequisite for taking Track 2, it can be a useful progression. Alternatively, those who are new to GATE might want to spend some time looking at the learning materials on this site, for example the Matrixware tutorials, before attending Track 2.

Track 3: Advanced GATE

This track introduces more advanced functionality within GATE. Unlike Track 2, however, it does not depend on any Java programming skills;

Prerequisites: Familiarity with the topics covered in Track 1.

Add-on Course 1: Semantic Technology and Linked Data Annotation

This module is provided in collaboration with the project.

Prerequisites: No specific prerequisites

Add-on Course 2: Social Media Mining with GATE

Prerequisites: Basic familiarity with Twitter, Facebook, and other social media; ideally some knowledge of JSON

Research Experience Talks

The research talks are scheduled to allow participants from all tracks to come together and learn about the kind of projects being done with GATE. Talks will vary between FIGs but the kinds of topics covered in the past have been as follows: